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Projects, Programs, and Initiatives That You Can Fund

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We thank you for considering a lasting and impactful planned gift to ensure a bright future for waterfowl and waterfowl hunters. Unrestricted gifts are most helpful for our team of waterfowl and wetland scientists; however, it is most important to us that your wishes be honored. Below are a number of ways your gift can make a directed impact. Please contact us to discuss all the possible ways your planned gift can best be utilized.


We have a constantly revolving menu of ongoing research programs that you can fund outright, or for gifts of a certain size, you can permanently endow and name the future of North American waterfowl research.

(Your Name) Endowed Chief Scientist in North American Waterfowl Research ($5,000,000) - There is currently a critical need for waterfowl, wetland and human dimensions of waterfowl hunting research. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to permanently stamp the future course of waterfowl conservation with your name, and help ensure a lasting legacy of high-quality, applicable research that will guide the future of waterfowl management and hunting. The funds from your generous gift will continue Delta's legacy of recruiting and equipping the most respected and accomplished international thought leaders in wetland and waterfowl research.
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(Your Name) Endowed Scientist in Applied Waterfowl Research ($2,500,000) - In addition to the Chief Scientist endowment, Delta is looking to expand our science team with an endowed position to focus very specifically on the most pressing gaps in the current cache applicable waterfowl research. By naming and endowing this position, you ensure that Delta can attract and equip the greatest thought leaders in waterfowl conservation and research. You will help produce applicable science that will best inform waterfowl biologists and managers throughout North America have the very best information to guide management and harvest decisions.
Learn More About All the Research Projects You Can Support

Duck Production

Your planned gift can begin producing ducks today with an immediate gift that will increase nest success and add ducks to the fall flight, this year! You can directly fund the Predator Management and Hen House Programs with an outright planned gift, or for gifts of a certain size you can permanently endow and name these programs.

(Your Name) Predator Management Endowment ($1,000,000 minimum)- By naming and endowing a full-time professional trapper in perpetuity, you will produce more ducks (approximately 8,000 per year) than any other documented conservation practice known to science. Over time, the impact you will have on North American waterfowl populations is immeasurable.
(Your Name) Endowed Hen House Supersite ($100,000 minimum)- If your favorite duck is the mallard, there is no better method to increase production than Hen Houses. By endowing the installation and perpetual care of a Hen House Supersite (100 Hen Houses) on a site deemed most prolific by our team of scientist, you will increase nest success of those mallards by nearly ten-fold, for decades and decades into the future.

Waterfowl Hunter Recruitment, Retention and Reactivation

Delta Waterfowl is the world leader in waterfowl hunter specific R3 (recruitment, retention and reactivation) initiatives. Your gift to the First Hunt, University Hunt or Mentor Recognition Programs, you can help reverse the alarming loss in hunters our tradition is currently experiencing.

(Your Name) Endowed Director in Waterfowl Hunter Recruitment, Retention and Reactivation ($2,000,000 minimum) - With your gift of a certain size, you can name and permanently endow our Director and the international program he/she oversees to curb the alarming rate at which we are currently losing waterfowl hunters.
(Your Name) Endowed University Hunt Program ($100,000 minimum) - You can permanently endow or simply make an outright gift to support Delta's University Hunt to be delivered at a partnering University if they have a cooperating Natural Resources Department. Too often, the very biologists we are training to manage our waterfowl and wetlands do not come from a hunting background and may not understand the importance of waterfowl hunters as the leaders of the North American conservation movement which has successfully protected and managed for our continental wetland and waterfowl resources.
First Hunt - This is the world's largest waterfowl specific hunter recruitment program. Your gift to support this program will be responsible for helping expose upwards of 12,000 youth and young adults to waterfowl hunting, who may otherwise come from a non-hunting background and never have the opportunity to experience our cherished tradition.
Mentor Recognition Program - Delta realizes that alone we cannot curb the loss of duck hunters; therefore, we initiated the only waterfowl specific mentor recognition program in North America to help encourage and recognize hunters like you who lend their resources and expertise to introduce the next generation of young people to waterfowl hunting. Your gift to this recognition program will help provide resources to train, connect and recognize experienced waterfowlers in order that they can join in the effort of ensuring a bright future for our hunting tradition.


From grass roots to international reach, Delta's advocacy team has possibly the greatest impact on continental scale waterfowl and wetland conservation policy and funding. Additionally, our advocacy team represents the interest of the duck hunter on important issues concerning hunting access and opportunity throughout North America. Your gift to support our policy and advocacy effort from City Hall to Capitol Hill produces exponential, positive results for North American waterfowl and waterfowl hunters